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Aug 7th, 2013

Stop Fracking in Your Area

By Rebecca Falcon

You’ve probably heard of fracking. It’s a method of extracting underground oil and gas that’s been shown to contaminate water supplies and cause seismic tremors. And it might be coming to your area, unless we act fast.

Lots of 38 Degrees members want to fight fracking in your area. But first we need someone to take the lead and adopt a petition we’ve set up.

Can you take this first step? Local opposition has helped obstruct fracking around the world, from Brisbane to Balcombe. An online petition in your area will help bring people together, and mobilise. Together, we can persuade your local council to refuse permission for all fracking applications.

Can you adopt a petition to stop fracking near you? Click here to adopt a petition now.

Adopting a petition is simple. And the office team will be there to support you every step of the way. By campaigning together, 38 Degrees members have helped keep libraries open and school transport free. This approach works. And it can work in your area to stop fracking.

Earlier this week, we saw members of the government come under fire because fracking is happening in their constituencies. But it’s the council that makes local decisions, by refusing or granting planning permission. So let’s turn this heat onto the real decision makers. Lets make sure that all future planning permissions are refused in your area.

Click here to adopt a petition now.

This government promised to be the greenest ever. But they’ve been offering huge tax breaks for fracking – that will contribute to climate change. But if we come together, we can stop fracking near you. And if enough people around the country join us, we could stop fracking for good.

Please adopt a petition today and help fight fracking in your area.


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