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Aug 13th, 2013

We refuse to lose our loos

By Rebecca Falcon

‘We Refuse to Lose Our Loos’ read Lin Patterson’s banner last Friday in Bath as she and other 38 Degrees members handed in her petition to save the city’s public toilets. Loads of supporters showed up on the day, and with Lin’s petition of over 2,300 signatures, we now have a real chance to overturn the council’s decision to close down public toilets in Bath. 

Recently Lin spent 72 hours locked in a cubicle that was due to be shut down by Bath council and has been actively seeking support to overturn the council’s decision to close down many of the city’s public toilets. Millions of people in the UK suffer with urinary problems, and a lot of older people feel trapped inside their homes as a result. Closing down the public loos would aggravate the problem.

After starting a campaign on Campaigns by You, the number of signatures on her petition rocketed and she used this to attracted a lot of public and media attention. With banners in the air reading slogans such as, ‘You’re Taking the P’, and ‘Hands off our Loos’, it is not surprising that she and other 38 Degrees members caught the public’s eye!

Now it is up to the council to debate the issue, and for us to get ready to ramp up the pressure on the council to keep our public toilets in Bath open. You can sign Lin’s petition here.

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