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Aug 16th, 2013

MP Pay Rise – poll results

By lindsayriddoch

A couple of weeks ago, 38 Degrees members voted on if and how 38 Degrees should handle the topic of MP payrises.

IPSA, the independent body in charge of MPs’ pay and conditions, are consulting on a £6,000 pay rise for MPs. The widespread furore made it obvious that this was something we needed to react to, but it wasn’t clear exactly what we should do.

Our best campaigns are the ones we decide on, shape and run together, so we asked for everyone’s opinion. Thanks to all of you which participated in the poll. Here are the results:

IPSA’s consultation is open until 20th October but so far, it’s only had a few hundred submissions. Worse, it’s written in jargon. It’s IPSA’s job to make sure that people across the country contribute to the changes in MP pay and conditions. Together, we can make sure they hear us loud and clear.

Here’s the plan:

– Launch a plain English version of IPSA’s consultation on the pay rise – which tens of thousands of us submit to.

– Support a few local members in each constituency to pop down to their MPs’ local offices and ask them a few questions, like where they stand on the pay rise and what extra conditions they’d be prepared to accept. We’ll publish the responses so local voters know where their MP stands on the issue.

– Take out adverts in national papers just before IPSA’s consultation is due to close, piling the pressure on IPSA and politicians to take our views seriously.

Click here to let us know if that sounds about right. Together, we can make this issue huge and have a real effect on the political culture at Westminster.

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