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Aug 23rd, 2013

Let’s fight fracking and win: local grant and training application

By becky

Over the last few weeks 38 Degrees members have swung into action to help stop fracking being rolled out across the British countryside. Together we’ve raised over £50,000 to help unlock local fights and victories. This will be put towards grants for grassroots campaigns,  important training and towards other tools local campaigners need to fight a coordinated campaign.  Thanks to everyone who has donated.

Do you want to apply for a local grant or training? 

Thanks so much for applying for a local grant, or for some training support, to help with your local campaign to stop fracking. Thousands of 38 Degrees members have chipped in to help local campaigners secure victories in the fight against fracking  – it’s crucial that their money can go as far as possible.

To download the application form click here.

To download the terms and conditions click here.

Frequently asked questions

What can a local grant pay for?

Anything that could help you fight fracking and win, but you’ll have to make the case for how the grant is going to help your campaign.

The 38 Degrees office team envisage that local grants could help pay for practical things, like room hire, printing costs, money to help you build infrastructure like solar panels or travel costs. But if you can make a case for how something completely different is going to help you win your local campaign, then the 38 Degrees office team are pretty open minded.

What kind of training support can I apply for?

The training support could be on how to organise yourself effectively, how to work together as a team, how to plan a strategic campaign, or how to speak to the media with confidence … but this isn’t an exhaustive list. If there’s any other training that you think might be helpful, please give details and apply for it.

How much can we apply for?

£2000 is the maximum local grant. But there’s no limit to how many times you can apply.

Can we apply for a local grant and some training support?

Absolutely, yes.

How will this all work?

The 38 Degrees office team will let you know if your application process has been successful. You’ll have to sign the terms and conditions and a formal grant agreement which confirms what both parties have agreed .

Then we’ll arrange for a direct payment into your bank account. You’ll need to send back a receipt to confirm that you’ve received the money.  The team will also need proof that the money was spent appropriately, such as receipts, dispatch notices, statements, invoices and, for example, photos of leaflets being handed out!

Why do you need two referees?

As part of the application form you need to provide information about two referees. If you’re applying on behalf of a group, one of the referees needs to be independent from the group.  The 38 Degrees staff team have introduced this step to try and make sure 38 Degrees members money is spent appropriately as an important check and balance.

How quickly will you get back to us?

We’re a nimble, fast paced organisation, so we’ll aim to get back to you as soon as possible, for example within five working days. Greenpeace is also helping 38 Degrees with the selection process.

I’ve never filled out an application form before, what are you expecting?

Don’t worry. We want to help you, you’ve got enough on your plate fighting fracking! Please just try and make the case for how the grant will help you win. Please do drop the team an email or call with any questions.

How quickly do we need to spend the money?

Within three months. But you can apply for an extension.

What happens if I don’t spend all of the money?

Then please send it back , either as a cheque  or via a direct bank transfer. Please make it clear that this money is returned grant money.

What happens If I need more money?

There’s no limit to the number of times you can apply for a grant, but we want the money to spread as far as possible, across the country.

How will the training be arranged?

38 Degrees has a list of training providers that we can use. If you have a recommendation for a training supplier, then please email frackfree@38Degrees.org.uk.

Please email your application to: frackfree@38Degrees.org.uk.

This application process is designed to be as straightforward as possible. If you have thoughts about how it could be improved please email: frackfree@38Degrees.org.uk


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