Have you seen the papers?

We’re in the papers! Today, The Times, The Guardian and The Telegraph all contain this advert helped pay for by 38 Degrees members:

The advert, which reads “We don’t always have the same opinions, but we believe in the freedom to share them”, brings together campaigning organisations from across the political spectrum to ask the House of Lords to stand against the gagging law.

It’s a pretty incredible advert. The Countryside Alliance is pictured standing next to the League Against Cruel Sports – that doesn’t happen every day! It’s a strong statement that, across the board, the gagging bill is considered poor legislation that needs to be kicked out.

Today, as Lords and Baronesses look through their newspapers they’ll be in no doubt that civil society wants them to take decisive action to stop the gagging law over the coming weeks.

Now that the gagging law is being debated in the House of Lords, we’re going to have to work in new ways to convince our peers that the bill is a serious threat to freedom of speech in the UK. Thanks to all the 38 Degrees members who chipped in to help fund the advert, we’re getting off to a strong start. Today’s advert sends a firm message to Lords and Baronesses that they need to look closely at the bill before them, and do the right thing.