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Dec 10th, 2013

Gagging law: Member meet up in Edinburgh

By Rebecca Falcon

Thanks to everyone who came along to the gagging law meeting in Edinburgh on Friday night. We had a good chat about what the gagging law means for campaigners in Scotland, and how we can ramp up the pressure on Mike Crockart MP before the public meeting in Edinburgh in January.

It was particularly interesting to hear from one 38 Degrees member, a community councillor in Edinburgh, who’s concerned that the money they raise for community projects could be caught by this law. He was worried that the gagging law would limit the amount they could spend on campaigning to improve their local community in the year before an election.

What should the next steps be in Edinburgh West? How do you think constituents could grab Mike Crockart’s attention and pursuade him to fix or scrap the gagging law? Share your comments below.

It’s not long until the public meeting in Edinburgh in January. Here are the details:
When: Thursday 9th January, 7:30pm
Where: Cosla Conference Centre, 19 Haymarket Yards, Edinburgh, Lothian EH12 5BH

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