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Jan 7th, 2014

2014 new year survey

By Rebecca Falcon

Happy New Year!

What should 38 Degrees do in 2014? We need your help to decide.

Please can you take two minutes to vote on 38 Degrees’ key priorities for the year ahead? Just click here to get started.

This survey is our chance to put our heads together to work out what 38 Degrees should do in 2014. 38 Degrees works because it belongs to all of us – and that means we need to make key decisions together. Many heads are far better than one!

Next Monday morning, the office team will sit down to map out the year ahead. The results of this survey – the votes and suggestions from thousands and thousands of 38 Degrees members – will be top of the agenda.

Please vote now to make sure your views are counted – click here to fill out the new year survey.

Let’s make sure 38 Degrees does a good job in 2014. How can we best bring people together and help make Britain a better place? Where should we focus our efforts?

Is protecting the NHS still the number one priority? What about new threats to our woodlands? Changes to the welfare system? Fracking? What about upcoming elections? Or local issues in your area? Libraries? Food banks? Flooding?

The office team will be looking at the results next Monday. That means votes need to be in by Friday night. So please don’t miss the deadline.

One of 38 Degrees members’ first jobs in 2014 is likely to be seeing off the gagging law once and for all. The government is expected to publish its latest proposals in a couple of days time. The office team will be in touch as soon as there are new developments. But in the meantime, please complete the new year survey here.

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