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Jan 20th, 2014

Ask your MP to accept the House of Lords’ good work

By Rebecca Falcon

On Wednesday the government could try and reverse the good changes made to the gagging law in the House of Lords. We’ve got 48 hours to stop that happening.

The government has the power to call a fresh vote on the law. And they’ve scheduled such a vote for this Wednesday. MPs could vote us back to square one! We need to make sure every MP votes the right way – including yours.

The last time MPs had a chance to debate the gagging law, many of them spoke out against it. So if enough of us put pressure on them to do the right thing this time, it could be the push they need to turn up and vote the right way. It’s key that, ahead of Wednesday, your MP knows that their voters don’t want the Lords’ good changes to the bill to be rejected.

Your MP will only vote the right way if they’re feeling the pressure from their voters. Can you email them now and ask them to commit to keeping the Lords’ improvements to the gagging law?

Please click here as soon as you can.

One last people-powered push could make all the difference. After the pressure they’ve come under in the last few months, MPs know they need to look like they’re listening. The more of us who email now, the more likely your MP is to vote the right way.

We’ve done so much together over the last five months. 38 Degrees members have stood side by side with hundreds of charities and campaigning groups. Now it looks like we’ve only got until Wednesday. On Thursday there might be nothing else we can do.

So let’s not watch our victory for democracy be snatched away at this late stage.

Please email your MP right now by clicking here.

If the government see that a big rebellion is brewing, they could decide to avoid a vote and just to wave the Lords changes through. So, the more MPs who commit to voting the right way, the more likely we are to win. And the sooner MPs hear from us and promise to vote the right way, the more likely the government will back down quietly. Every minute counts.

Here’s to one final push.


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