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Feb 14th, 2014

Flooding in the UK: An update

By becky

24 hours – that’s the time it took for 38 Degrees members to donate just over £100,000 to support victims of the devastating floods. Thank you so much.

£60,000 has already been distributed to local community charities working with flood-hit communities. Including:

  • the Norfolk Community Foundation, who are providing emergency food and clothing to those affected as well as bottle sterilisation equipment to stricken parents
  • the Cornwall Community Foundation, who are distributing emergency crisis grants for things like food, accommodation and for organisations like local food banks
  • the Somerset Community Foundation, who are providing emergency relief grants to meet the immediate costs of moving out, pumping and drying, and emergency repairs
  • the Surrey Community Foundation, who will be awarding grants to help people with practical things like blankets, food, accommodation, emergency repairs and equipment

These charities are getting urgent support to those who need it as quickly as possible. The office team are also speaking with other charities from across the UK to distribute the rest of the money.


There are still big questions to answer politically and a huge amount of rebuilding to do once the water subsides. But for those affected, our help is making a big difference right now.

Graham Tuttle, Chief Executive of the Norfolk Community Foundation has said;
“The generosity of 38 Degrees members has been one of the things that has sustained our community – just simply knowing people care”.

Mary Hancock, Deputy Chief Executive of the Somerset Community Foundation has said:
“Thanks to the support of 38 Degrees members, we are able to swiftly issue emergency grants to households affected by flooding in Somerset. Your donations mean that we can respond to the immediate need in our county and build resilient communities in the future.”

Tamas Haydu, Development Director of the Cornwall Community Foundation said:
“Following the weeks of torrential rain and strong winds there are many areas of Cornwall where whole communities are in urgent need of help. The Cornwall Community Foundation is very grateful to 38 Degrees members for the incredible support.”

Wendy Varcoe, Executive Director, Community Foundation for Surrey:
“This is a very difficult time for people who have been affected by the floods. With the support of 38 Degrees members we will be able to give practical support to those who need it. Their help makes a huge difference. Thank you.”

PS: Do you know a local charity that is supporting victims of the floods and needs money urgently? Please email: emailtheteam@38degrees.org.uk

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