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Feb 26th, 2014

NHS: hospital closure clause petition

By Megan Bentall

As early as next week, health secretary Jeremy Hunt will try to force plans through parliament which will give him a new power to close any hospital in England – even if local patients and doctors are totally against it. If the law passes, no hospital is safe.

So far, David Cameron and Nick Clegg have kept their distance from the proposals, even though ultimately the buck stops with them. Why? Because elections are won and lost on the NHS. The last thing they want is to be personally associated with local hospitals closing.

So let’s associate this plan with them. 38 Degrees members are signing a petition in their thousands, calling on David Cameron and Nick Clegg to protect our hospitals. Will you join them?

This wouldn’t be the first time Jeremy Hunt’s plans are stopped by people power. Twice last year local people and 38 Degrees members successfully defeated him in the courts over his plans to close bits of Lewisham Hospital. And today it’s still open for business, saving lives and delivering babies.

When governments lose court cases, they shouldn’t just change the law. And after losing twice, that’s exactly what Hunt’s trying to do.

Over the weekend, over 150,000 38 Degrees members voted to throw the kitchen sink at stopping this law. Together, we can force David Cameron and Nick Clegg to step in and stop their rogue health minister from closing hospitals everywhere against the wishes of doctors, patients and the public.

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