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Mar 7th, 2014

NHS Hospital Closure Clause: Contact your MP

By Rebecca Falcon

In just four days, the government could get free rein to close hospitals across the country – unless MPs vote to stop Jeremy Hunt’s hospital closure clause.

But there’s good news. MPs will now have a chance to vote on an amendment which would scrap this dangerous clause. The amendment would replace the clause with new wording to guarantee local doctors and patients a final say in changes to local NHS services.

It’s gathering momentum – and already has the backing of Labour, Lib Dem and Green MPs. MPs know that elections are won and lost on the NHS.

If your MP hears from hundreds of concerned voters, we could persuade them to follow suit. Can you contact your MP to ask them to vote for this crucial solution? They’ll know that your local NHS is a top priority for voters, and won’t want to be seen to be on the wrong side of the fence.

It’ll only take two minutes to email them, and there’s help with what to say on the web page. Please click here.

Our NHS is precious. An A&E department near home makes all the difference when things go wrong. But in recent years the government has chipped away at our NHS. If the hospital closure clause gets through, local hospitals everywhere will be at risk.

We know that public pressure can be crucial here. For example, government MP Paul Burstow agreed to put forward his better alternative after meeting with dozens of 38 Degrees members in his constituency.

Together we can let your MP know their voters are watching. Please can you write to them now, telling them to back this key solution to stop the hospital closure clause?

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