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Mar 11th, 2014

NHS: tweet MPs about the Hospital Closure Clause

By Megan Bentall

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Urgent: Today MPs will vote on the hospital closure clause. They have a choice. They could vote the law through, making it dangerously easy for the government to close our local hospitals without any real consultation.

Or, they can scrap the hospital closure clause and make sure that local people and doctors are properly involved in any decisions about changes to hospitals. All they’d need to do is vote for changes to the law laid down by Paul Burstow MP, amendment NC16.

We only have hours left before MPs start voting. And the one thing MPs always have with them is their phone. Let’s keep the pressure up until the last minute via Twitter.

Can you tweet your MP now? It takes 30 seconds and you’ll find some suggested text. Click here.

Support for the amendment is snowballing. More and more MPs – including Conservative and Liberal Democrats – are signing up to the amendment. That’s down to everything 38 Degrees members have done together.

Over the last three weeks 38 Degrees members have built a 180,000-strong petition, sent over 80,000 emails to their MPs and placed hundreds of calls to MPs’ offices. There are signs that a rebellion against the government’s plans is growing, but the parliamentary maths is still tight.

Lots of MPs could still go either way – so let’s give them a nudge in the right direction. Every time they glance down at their phones, they need to see more of us asking them to vote for the amendment.

Amendment NC16 will see off a huge threat to our local hospitals. MPs need to vote for it today.

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