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May 29th, 2014

Meeting my MP in Monmouth

By Guest

This blog is written by 38 Degrees member Harriet, from Monmouth.

My name’s Harriet, I’m a 38 Degrees member and I live in Abergavenny. A few weeks ago I made an appointment with our MP, David Davies, following the comments he made in the House of Commons about 38 Degrees.

My understanding was that other members of 38 Degrees in his constituency wanted, like me, to meet him as a group in order give him information about our involvement in the organisation. I had emailed him unsuccessfully and hoped I could be more persuasive face to face.

The meeting happened on Tuesday. And I wanted to feedback to everyone about what happened. I’m sorry that I haven’t got better news – it wasn’t a comfortable meeting.

He said that the 38 Degrees staff had been telling lies – particularly with regard to his comments in the House of Commons and was adamant that it was not the members he was objecting to, but the Board and Staff whom he said were dishonest. He refused to accept that members like us make the decisions about the campaigns rather than the management.  Sadly, I can see no future in pursuing the issue any further.

The meeting with Mr Davies was disempowering, but having a voice through 38 Degrees remains important to me.  I’ll keep campaigning on the issues that I care about and I have faith that together we’re a powerful movement for change. But I feel this argument, with this particular MP, isn’t worth having at the moment.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, please do comment below. The 38 Degrees staff team and I would love to hear what you think.

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