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Jun 9th, 2014

Recall: it’s official

By Amy Lockwood

It’s official: last week, the government announced they’d start work on a new recall law. But as suspected, it’s a fudge. Their recall puts parliament in charge of sacking MPs, not voters.

But the momentum is growing against these plans. 170,000 members of 38 Degrees have signed a petition and MPs from all parties are demanding real recall – which puts voters in the driving seat. This could be the most significant change to the way that Britain does politics in decades – and it’s within our grasp.

A group of MPs have started an Early Day Motion – a petition for MPs which would prove how many are on side. Already, over 20 MPs have signed it and it’s growing by the hour.

The more MPs that sign, the more pressure the government will be under, and the better position we’ll be in to win. Can you email your MP to ask them to sign it?

So far, our campaign to get real recall is working. The petition is huge, lots of MPs are backing it and its been splashed across the media. But we still need to add pressure on the government to make sure it’s the right law.

If lots of MPs sign the Early Day Motion then it’ll send shockwaves through Parliament. But some MPs will only sign the EDM if their voters ask them to. Together, we can show we’re watching them.

MPs won’t want to be seen as not being on the side of voters. The more of us that get in touch with our MPs to ask them to sign the EDM, the more likely they are to sign it – and the more likely it will lead to us securing a law that would allow voters to sack MPs who don’t behave properly.

Some MPs don’t sign EDMs – for example, government minister’s can’t sign them. Even if your MP won’t sign the EDM, they should publicly commit to backing a real recall law, or lobby the government directly to make the right decision. You can see if your MP has signed the EDM here – and if they have, why not email them to say thanks?

Click here to send an email asking your MP to sign the EDM, or click here to send an email to say thanks to your MP for signing it.

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