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Jun 24th, 2014

Tesco: Amy’s living wage campaign

By Rachel Oliver

How much does Tesco value its workers? Not enough, according to 38 Degrees member and former Tesco employee, Amy. She’s started a campaign to make Tesco pay a ‘Living Wage’. Amy says:

“I worked at Tesco for over seven years, and saw first-hand the problems created by poverty pay. Too many of my colleagues struggled to get by, even with a full-time job. So I’ve started a petition to ask Tesco to lead the way and pay Living Wages to all their workers – from cashiers to cleaners.”

This Friday is Tesco’s annual shareholder meeting. It’s a great opportunity to directly ask Tesco CEO Philip Clarke to pay the Living Wage – in front of all his shareholders. Amy is going personally to challenge him and deliver her petition. The more people who sign the petition, the more people Amy will have behind her when she walks into the room.

If you agree, can you sign the petition now and help show Tesco that thousands of ordinary people have an issue with the way they do business?

Tesco is by no means the worst or only company paying poverty wages. But it has considered introducing a Living Wage before, so it is one of the supermarkets more likely to do the right thing.

Its sheer size gives Tesco an opportunity to make a fast, positive impact on thousands of families – without having to wait for government legislation. It could also lead the way for other low paying companies, especially other supermarkets, to step up and start paying living wages too.

Tesco is the biggest private employer in the UK, yet many of their workers aren’t paid enough to put food on the table and a roof over their head. Together let’s build a massive petition, so Amy can confront Tesco with the strength of thousands of 38 Degrees members behind her on Friday.

Tesco’s AGM is on Friday. The more of us who sign up before then, the bigger the impact we can have in front of Tesco’s shareholders.

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