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Jul 15th, 2014

Bees: Tell the new environment secretary to protect them!

By Rebecca Falcon

Could today mark the fresh start we desperately need for Britain’s beloved bees? Owen Paterson – the minister responsible for bees – has been given the boot in today’s cabinet reshuffle. He’s been replaced by Conservative MP Liz Truss.

Now Liz Truss has a choice: she could follow Owen Paterson’s lead and champion mega pesticide firms over our bees, or she could decide to protect them.

As she settles into her new role, she’ll hear from lobbyists in the big pesticide firms congratulating her. But together 38 Degrees members can make sure the voices of thousands and thousands of us drown theirs out.

Together, we’re sending her a congratulations card, signed by thousands of 38 Degrees members, to make sure she knows we want her to protect our precious bees. It’s a bit cheeky but with a hard-hitting message. And signing the card is just as easy as signing a petition. You can sign the card here.

Bees - Liz Truss Facebook image

Owen Paterson wasn’t a friend of the bees – in fact he put them in huge danger by backing bee-killing pesticides. But if Liz Truss knows that the British public want her to do everything she can to protect bees, she could plough a different furrow.

Our bees don’t have a voice, but that’s where 38 Degrees members come in. Together we have helped fight for their survival. Just a few weeks ago we helped stop a controversial application to allow bee-killer pesticides back on UK fields. And we’ve worked alongside campaigners from across Europe to get these killer pesticides banned.

If bees go – so do we. The more people who sign the card, the more impact it will have. Imagine receiving a card signed by thousands of people!

The 38 Degrees office team will print the huge card with thousands of our names inside and deliver it straight to Liz Truss’ office.

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