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Aug 8th, 2014

Action against The Sun newspaper

By Elizabeth Baines

38 Degrees member Pam Laurance has just been to the Press Complaints Commission to hand in a petition calling for action against The Sun newspaper.

Pam is calling for the PCC to take action against The Sun for starting a witch hunt against a 4 year old boy who had an unusual mark on his body. The child was pictured and named on the front page of the newspaper alongside the title “Boy, 4, has mark of devil”.

You can sign her petition here.

In an email yesterday, the PCC announced that “in light of the concerns raised by complainants about the article, the Commission has decided to initiate an investigation into the matter”. This is great news!

At the PCC Pam was met by one of the Commissioners who assured her that he was taking the issue “very seriously”.

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