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Aug 19th, 2014

Fracking grants feedback

By Ali Torabi

Last year 38 Degrees members came together and chipped in to help groups stage local fights against fracking companies. 38 Degrees members raised and granted £50,000 to 25 community groups, below are some pictures and comments from campaigners on the ground.

Residents from Frack Free Upton, Cheshire gather at drilling site in Farndon. Frack Free Upton are part of the Frack Dee Dee Coalition.

Hannah, Frack Free Somerset:

‘The grant from 38 degrees allowed Frack Free Somerset to organise the second Frack Free February. We had over 31 events in 28 days, from public meetings in tiny village halls to benefit gigs in cities. We took a coach of campaigners to stand in solidarity with others at Barton Moss Community Protection Camp in Greater Manchester and we distributed thousands of leaflets and DVDs to raise awareness aboutfracking. The month of action generated several new groups and attracted county-wide attention about why we need to resist unconventional gas’

Frack Free Wales Training Day, Winter 2014. The Frack Free Wales Coaliton is made up of resident’s groups from across the country.

Keith Ross, Safe Energy Wales:

‘Funding from 38 Degrees members has provided a real boost to our campaign in South Wales. The new leaflets we’ve produced have given a professional feel to our publications, and the training days we’ve organised inspired and energised our activists, helping to set us up for the challenges of the year ahead’.

Emma Joyce, Frack Free Surrey:

‘There has been a real buzz about the 38 Degrees anti-fracking grant. Beyond the public meetings and new group formation and support the money we received has enabled, just knowing organisations like 38 Degrees are behind the movement has been huge’.

Resident’s march in Beverley, East Yorkshire June 2014. The march was organised and supported by the Frack Free East Yorkshire Coalition.

Public meeting in Wells, Somerset. One of the 31 events organsinsed by the Frack Free Somerset Coalition as part of Frack Frack Feburary 2014.

Paddy Holdsworth, Frack Free East Yorkshire:

‘Funding from 38 Degrees has been the single most important factor in enabling us to campaign against fracking in East Yorkshire. We have been able to put on 8 public information meetings for hundreds of people, and leaflet homes across a huge rural area. Only by mobilising public opposition will we stop this desperate and dangerous industry’.


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