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Aug 22nd, 2014

Milford Haven library’s youth deterrent alarm

By Elizabeth Baines

Last week 38 Degrees member Gareth got together with other local campaigners to protest against Milford Haven library’s youth deterrent alarm.

The ‘mosquito’ device releases a high frequency sound which can only be heard by certain people and is designed to ‘disperse’ young people. Gareth says that the device discriminates and is dangerous to those with health problems.

You can sign his petition here.

Here’s what Gareth said about the protest:

“25 local supporters protested outside of the library and the offices of the port authority who, for 6 months, deliberately left the alarm on 24/7.

Our petition was handed in with 190 (now 200+) signatures and the port authority agreed to go away to ‘cost’ alternatives. We explained our opposition was to the nature of the use of a sonic weapon in such an area, not just it’s discriminatory nature, and the danger it could have to mentally ill and disabled people of all ages in the town, and have agreed to meet again in two weeks. We are running information and petition gathering stalls for the next two weeks and the campaign gives on.”

Here’s a picture of the protest:

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