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Aug 22nd, 2014

TTIP day of action materials

By Rebecca Falcon

If you’ve volunteered to get the word out on TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) during the 38 Degrees day of action on Saturday 30th August, you’re not alone – and here are all the important materials you’ll need.

Thousands of 38 Degrees members will be handing out leaflets, getting petition signatures and making sure people know about this terrible trade deal between the EU and the US. There are over 200 events happening across the UK and there’s still time to get involved.

Here are copies of the leaflets, posters, stickers and badges you can hand out on the day. Everyone who has signed up to volunteer will also get a pack of these in the post late next week. There will be 100 leaflets plus a poster, badge, sticker and petition in each posted pack.

To download copies of these online, please click the links below:

A4 leaflet

A5 double-sided version of leaflet

A3 poster


Bumper sticker


Welsh language flyer

Intro and convo starters

Feel free to print out or photocopy any of these. There is also a Welsh language flyer coming soon. If you want any extra materials posted to you, please just drop the staff team an email.

If you can’t download the PDF versions of the materials below, here are JPEG copies:
A4 flyer
A5 version of flyer – front
A5 version of flyer – back
A3 poster
Bumper Sticker
Petition front
Petition back
Welsh language flyer front
Welsh language flyer back

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