Join the People’s Climate March

Two days before world leaders meet for the UN climate summit, on Sunday 21st September, people will be taking to the streets across the globe. It will be the biggest climate march in history – aimed at convincing politicians to do what’s needed.

Here in the UK, there will be a huge march through London bringing together loads of different organisations from Avaaz and to Oxfam and Christian Aid.

It would be great to have as many 38 Degrees members there as possible – and we’ll be meeting as a group before joining the march to hand out t-shirts, banners, flags and placards (or of course you can bring your own!).

So if you’d like to march with 38 Degrees, come along to 12 Temple Place at noon.  Just look out for orange and you’ll be in the right place!

You can RSVP here to be kept up-to-date if anything changes:

And here’s the route of the march:

The march should take around an hour – we’re walking a mile and a half. Then when we arrive at Parliament there will be a rally with speakers and videos. Speakers are yet to be confirmed.

After the march, 38 Degrees members are heading to The Feathers Pub in Westminster, (18-20 Broadway, SW1H 0BH) to get together for a drink. It’d be great if you could make it!