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Sep 11th, 2014

Back to the classroom Nicky Morgan

By Bryony Walker

Schools run for profit? That’s the idea Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, is floating. It’s already been in the news that she’s failed to rule out privatising our schools. If this sneaks through education would be run for profit, rather than the best outcomes for children.

Together, we can stop this threat from becoming a reality. Nicky Morgan is new to her post. She’ll want to make a good impression. And with months left before the General Election, 38 Degrees members can make this such a toxic issue that she’ll have to rule it out.

But we need to create a huge storm. And a big petition signed by tens of thousands of us will prove how deeply unpopular her plan is. Please sign the petition now, before it goes any further.

38 Degrees members have got a track record of nipping in the bud dangerous attacks to our public services. When the idea of charging for GP appointments was floated, 38 Degrees members made it impossible for Jeremy Hunt to pursue his plans.

Good education for all is a cornerstone of the kind of Britain 38 Degrees members fight to protect. Our children deserve the best start in life. And that means keeping profit out of education.


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