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Sep 12th, 2014

Recall: it’s a fudge

By Rachel Oliver

Breaking news: the government has released its plans for a new law which will allow MPs to be sacked.

Scandal followed by scandal: that’s what we’re used to hearing about our MPs. The government’s ‘recall law’ was meant to restore our trust in politicians. But as suspected it’s an absolute fudge. It puts MPs in charge of sacking MPs … and not voters!

Together, we can put voters in charge and convince the government to scrap their law. And replace it with our own. We’re already armed with a rival law that 38 Degrees members paid for and helped write. It’ll give voters the right to sack their MPs. What’s more, a group of top MPs from all parties have backed it.

Giving normal people the power to sack MPs could be the most significant change to the way Britain does politics in decades – and it’s within our grasp. Can you ask your MP, Jane Ellison, to sign up to support the law that puts power in voters’ hands?

Click here to send a quick email now.

Here’s why getting your MP to back the rival law will help us win:

– The government’s got a growing rebellion on their hands. If we act fast, it’ll pile on the pressure for them to replace their watered-down plans.
– We need MPs from all political parties to support the rival law. It’s not a simple left or right issue. Every MP matters – so it’s crucial your MP backs the rival law too.
– Our law works. It’s been written by top lawyers and its watertight. The government could pass it tomorrow. They can see we’re serious.

Click here to email your MP to ask them to sign up in support of giving voters more power:

So far, our campaign is working. Tens of thousands of us have signed the 38 Degrees petition for our rival law. And lots of MPs are backing it, so it’s already a controversial issue that’s been splashed across the media.

If our MPs hear from us today, we can make sure its our version of the story they’re hearing.

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