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Sep 23rd, 2014

Labour promise more NHS funding, now what about the others?

By James Blair

Good news for the NHS – Labour has just promised to increase NHS funding if they win next year’s general election.

NHS finances are in dire straights. Services are being cut back across England, and the NHS will soon be £1bn in debt. The NHS needs more funding to survive.

There has been heated debate in the Labour Party about whether to commit to properly fund our NHS. Over 90,000 of us signed the petition calling on Ed Miliband to commit to more NHS funding. And yesterday, 38 Degrees members gathered outside the Labour Party conference to make sure the NHS was at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Our pressure is working. The NHS is fast becoming the election issue. Labour have promised more funding.

Now let’s turn our sights to Cameron and Clegg and make sure they also commit to increase NHS funding. They’ll make their election promises in the next few days.

Can you sign the petition now?

It’s been an amazing few weeks for 38 Degrees members fighting for our NHS. Hundreds of us joined the People’s March for the NHS between Jarrow and London to protest at the way our NHS is being torn apart. Hundreds more were inside the NHS England AGM holding bosses to account.

Ed Miliband also today promised Labour would repeal the Health & Social Care Act – the law which makes NHS privatisation much easier and pledged to stop wasteful spending. Hundreds of thousands of 38 Degrees members campaigned against this law and if Labour win the election, we won’t let them forget this promise that could help save our NHS.

So let’s carry on the fight for our NHS. The Conservative Party conference is next week and the Lib Dems not long after – this is where party leaders make speeches that set out their plans for the General Election.

Together, we’re making sure politicians are in no doubt just how much we love our NHS – and what they need to do to protect it. Please sign the petition:

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