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Sep 25th, 2014

Air strikes poll results

By Nat Whalley

By the weekend, we could be at war. In less than 24 hours, MPs will vote on UK air strikes in Iraq, against the group known as Islamic State. They face a tough decision, but the views of tens of thousands of 38 Degrees members behind them will mean they make a better decision. Yesterday, 38 Degrees members were polled on whether they were in support or against the air strikes. The response was quite mixed. 45% of us are in favour of the air strikes, 42% are against. 13% haven’t decided yet:

38 Degrees belongs to all 38 Degrees members. Right now there isn’t a clear consensus among us on what we want to happen. So that means 38 Degrees won’t be campaigning in either direction. But there is one thing a strong majority of 38 Degrees members do agree on. When MPs are voting on something as important as war, the views of their voters should be heard.

So whatever your view, this is the moment to tell your MP how you feel about military action. It’ll just take a few minutes to send your MP a quick note telling them what you think:

Some of us want parliament to vote in favour of military action, to protect innocent people being killed by IS:

“Normally I am very apprehensive of military action in these situations, but here we have a genuine cause facilitated in no small way by the power vacuum we left after our last, illegal, invasion of Iraq. I consider it our moral responsibility to clean up our own mess.”

“Time is of the essence. People are losing their lives now.”

Whereas others believe military action is plain wrong:

“Air strikes on Iraq and Libya have had negative effects. The government should learn from past experience and refrain from opening yet another front on an unwinnable war.”

“I can’t support air strikes, which always kill civilians – fuelling more hatred and adding to IS recruits.”

Emailing your MP may or may not change the way they eventually vote. But at least it will force them to think about their voters as they weigh up choices between war and peace. Anything that makes them take the decision more seriously is surely worth it. To tell your MP what you think click here:

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