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Sep 25th, 2014

Save refuges, save lives

By Rebecca Falcon

Imagine finding the courage to leave a violent relationship, only to be turned away from a refuge and left with nowhere to go because of funding cuts. That’s the situation for some people right now.

Yesterday there was some good news. The Labour party have promised to put more money behind refuges. But it’ll only happen if they win the next election. If we want to save refuges, we need to get all of the parties on board.

Domestic violence

We’ve only got three days before the Conservative’s annual conference, when the whole party will come together to make big decisions. It’s the perfect opportunity to push David Cameron to pledge his support for vulnerable people – and their children too.

Women’s Aid, the national charity for victims of domestic violence, has started a petition calling on Cameron to save refuges. If thousands of 38 Degrees members sign it, we could even cause Cameron to make an announcement next week.

Every week, two women in England are killed by a partner or ex-partner. In a crisis, refuges are an escape route from domestic violence. But now, funding cuts mean people are being turned away.

38 Degrees is a movement of 3 million people. Together, we stand for fairness. Refuges are havens for people in deeply unfair situations. But if we don’t speak up now, they’ll continue to close their doors.

Today has shown that politicians are starting to listen. So let’s grab the opportunity – and push more of them to stand up to save refuges. Starting with the Conservatives before their conference next week.

When 38 Degrees members act together, the government takes notice. In June, our people-powered petition helped push the government to row back on their plans to privatise child protection services.

So let’s do it again, and show Cameron that his government will be judged by the way it treats our most vulnerable. Click here to sign the petition for greater funding of refuges now.

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