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Oct 3rd, 2014

Victory in Portsmouth

By Robin Priestley

Campaigns by You is a part of the 38 Degrees website where anyone can start a campaign on the issue close to their heart.  Across the country thousands of members are battling to make the UK a fairer, more democratic and more sustainable place.

Simon a 38 Degrees member from Portsmouth started a campaign to make his daughters’ walk to school safer.  He wanted Portsmouth council to install a pedestrian crossing at a dangerous junction which school children had to cross each day.

After starting his petition, he spread the word with friends and family and gradually build up a groundswell of local support.

Eventually he got enough signatories to trigger a debate at his local council once he handed in the petition.

Last week the council meeting took place, and Simon got to present his case.  Watch this short video to see what happened next:

Simon said “We’ve done it! I attended the council meeting yesterday, and they’ve finally agreed to install this much needed, and long overdue pedestrian crossing after 5 years! It couldn’t have been done without you, thank you to all of you!”

What would you like to change? Is your local library under threat? Would you like to see more recycling where you live? Perhaps there’s a national issue that you think needs addressing?

Click here to get your campaign off the ground in a matter of minutes, then with a little work, just like Simon you could win your campaign too!


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