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Oct 7th, 2014

Saving Hertfordshire’s buses

By Elizabeth Baines

Terry, a 38 Degrees member from Hertfordshire, is campaigning to stop cuts to bus services in the area. The council is threatening to cut many services on weekday evenings, and to slash some services completely on Sundays.

38 Degrees members in Hertfordshire chipped in together to fund a ‘protest’ van that has taken to the streets over the last few days to spread the word about the threat to local bus services.

Terry will be handing his petition directly to Hertfordshire County Council tomorrow (Wednesday October 8th). If you live in the area, why not join him for the hand-in?

Here’s what Terry said:
“I set up this petition to empower bus passengers and make their voices heard, and to show Hertfordshire County Council the damaging effects that the proposed cuts will have on people’s lives.

“Many people like me rely on buses as part of their daily life. Cutting this bus route will severely restrict my ability to travel and will affect my quality of life.”

Check out the pictures of the ‘protest’ van below:

Photo credit: James Chisolm

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