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Oct 9th, 2014

Hertfordshire buses petition hand-in

By Elizabeth Baines

Yesterday campaigners from across Hertfordshire came together to hand-in over 3,800 petition signatures to stop cuts to local bus services.

Terry, a 38 Degrees member, has been campaigning to stop the council’s proposals to cut bus services on evenings and weekends. Earlier this week a ‘protest van’ even took to the streets to spread the word about the planned cuts.

And yesterday, on the last day of the consultation, local campaigners handed the petition directly to the council member responsible.

The reaction to the consultation on the bus cuts has been huge, with over 5,000 responses. But the campaign doesn’t end here. Terry and the Save Our Buses campaigners will be keeping a close eye on the council in the run up to their decision in November.

Check out the photos from the day, and of the ‘protest’ van, below:

Photos: James Chisholm

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