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Oct 14th, 2014

Recall: Meet your MP

By lindsayriddoch

Soon we could have the power to sack bad-apple MPs. Fed up with broken politics? Here’s our chance to start fixing it.

MPs will soon have a choice whether to vote in real recall: a law that will give people the chance to get rid of bad MPs. Or they could vote for the government’s version which keeps the power in politicians hands.

We can get the real recall we want, if we convince enough MPs to support it. There’s not much time left before they vote. The killer question to get your MP on side: do you trust your voters? And what better way to ask than face-to-face? They’ll find it really difficult to say no.

Could you set up a meeting with your MP today?

Already 38 Degrees members across the country have been meeting their MPs to convince them to support real recall. But if we’re going to win, all of our MPs need to hear from us.

It’s easy to set up a meeting. When you click the link there are instructions on the webpage. The 38 Degrees staff team can invite other 38 Degrees members who live near you. There are also top tips to help you respond to questions your MP might have here.

And there’s some good news. Over the weekend the papers revealed that politicians will be free to vote how they choose to. It’s different to how it usually works – normally MPs have to follow what their party tells them. It means we have a better chance of convincing them.

Could you set up a meeting with your MP now? And then the staff team can invite other 38 Degrees members to come along with you.

Giving voters the power to sack MPs was 38 Degrees first campaign. And now the chance to improve politics and shake up democracy is within our grasp.

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