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Oct 17th, 2014

Campaign for the power to sack bad-apple MPs

By Bryony Walker

It’s on a knife edge. MPs are about to vote on a new law that would give people the power to sack bad MPs. We’ll lose unless we can persuade enough MPs to vote the right way.

Our political system just isn’t working. Too many of us have lost faith in our MPs – we’re sick of them taking us for granted. This new law would change that. Voters would be able to punish bad MPs – without having to wait years for a general election.

It’s the threat of voters being able to sack MPs that’ll really make them listen to us. This new law – it’s called recall – wouldn’t mean MPs being sacked every day. But it would put us back in charge when an MP is really letting us down.

Can you email your MP now and ask them to vote for recall?

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