The NHS, education, fracking, housing and privatisation. That’s just a some of the topics 38 Degrees members covered at a meet-up in Rochester last night.

They were coming together to plan how they wanted to get involved in the upcoming Rochester and Strood by-election. Ten 38 Degrees members chatted about the issues that affect the Medway area and why they’re not being talked about by the election candidates.

Using the preliminary results of a poll of hundreds of people in the area, we discussed local developments like Lodge Hill and the effect of cuts on the Medway Maritime Hospital. There was a lot of healthy debate and it’s clear that people feel that the current debate isn’t filling people with confidence of change – that’s why we want to get involved.

We’ll be meeting up again next week. If you want to join us or have any ideas for how 38 Degrees members in Rochester and Strood can get involved in the by-election email¬†with your ideas.