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Oct 22nd, 2014

Is our NHS in Wales in crisis?

By Amy Lockwood

Over the last few months, stories about the state of healthcare in Wales have been bubbling up. Welsh hospitals have the worst waiting times in the UK, the care of elderly patients is poor, and people are heading to England just for treatment. These are a few of the shocking claims reported by the media.

Just last week, there were renewed calls for a public enquiry into NHS Wales. And today, there’s news that Unison’s NHS workers in Wales have voted to strike over pay. On face-value, it looks like we could be on the verge of a crisis. But is this true?

200 38 Degrees members in Wales have shared their thoughts by filling in a short survey. If you live in Wales, please could you share your thoughts too? Click here to take the survey.

So far, it’s pretty split. Many people have said that our NHS is in crisis – but haven’t had a bad experience themselves. The feeling is that this is due to lack of funding and creeping privatisation – decisions made at the top – rather than bad nurses and doctors.

38 Degrees members have picked out some particular services which are in crisis: A&E, GP surgeries, maternity, mental health and elderly care.

There’s also been a lot of love for the NHS in Wales in the comments. Cristina says “Since moving to Wales, I have received some of the best NHS care in my life. I have been promptly seen, treated with respect. I can only offer my sincere thanks and admiration to all concerned.”

Together, we decide what to campaign on. So please click here to take the survey and have your voice heard.


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