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Oct 31st, 2014

Two days to keep MP expenses out in the open

By Rachel Oliver

We’ve got two days to stop investigations into MPs’ expenses being hidden from the public.

The consultation on whether to go ahead with these dodgy plans closes on Sunday. This is our last chance to flood it with calls to scrap the idea.

Please can you email the consultation right now? There are some suggested paragraphs to make it really quick.

IPSA, the independent watchdog in charge of MP finances, claims its main duty is to serve the interests of the public, not protect MPs. But so far it’s suggested giving MPs a 10% pay rise. And now it wants to hide when MPs’ expenses are being investigated.

The 2009 expenses scandal destroyed the public’s trust in politicians. And it was the lack of transparency that led to it. These plans would be a huge step backwards. If we want to prevent MPs abusing expenses, this means keeping every part of expenses in the public eye.

IPSA says it wants to hear from the public. So together let’s make sure they know what we think. Just now we delivered a petition signed by over 200,000 of us straight to the hands of the decision makers:

If thousands of us email in now, when they look at the results in a few days’ time, they’ll hear one clear message: don’t make investigations into MPs’ expenses secret. Click here to email the consultation.

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