Primary schools in North Port Talbot under threat

Despite being marked as outstanding, the council wants to close three primary schools in North Port Talbot: in Tonmawr, Pontrhydyfen and Bryn. Children as young as 5 will be forced to get a bus to a “super primary school” with over 500 students.

38 Degrees members Helen, Malcolm and Rebecca are campaigning to stop these closures. They’ve each started a petition to protect their local schools from closure. They think well performing, well-loved schools like these should be protected, not closed.

Massive petitions could convince Neath Port Talbot council to keep them open. If enough of us support saving these schools we can show the council that we want all the good local schools to stay open.

Click here to see all three petitions. You can sign one – or all of them!

Here’s what they say:

Helen: “Every child has a right to be taught in a school of their choice.”

Malcolm: “The children of this village should be able to be taught in a safe environment within their local community.”

Rebecca: “We want to make a stand, and we want our children to be educated in their own community school, where they are very happy and very well educated.”

There’s also an adorable video too, from children at Pontrhydyfen Primary School in Wales: