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Nov 12th, 2014

Rochester and Strood – Getting answers!

By lindsayriddoch

Medway Maritime Hospital, tax dodging, Lodge Hill: where do the people trying to be your MP stand on issues you care about? It’s been hard to work out how the political parties compare, despite all the leaflets through our doors.

So let’s get straight answers! After a big survey and a meet up in Rochester, 38 Degrees members wrote some questions to put to the candidates. The next step was to make sure that they actually answered the questions.

In order to do that hundreds of us emailed all the candidates  – and told them just how important it was that they told us where they stand on things like the NHS and TTIP.

Rochester and Strood

Clarifying where the parties stand on issues, and letting people know, came top of what we should do together – in a survey to over 5,000 members of 38 Degrees in Rochester and Strood.

Once we hear back from the candidates, we can all compare what they say. Then we’ll be able to make a ‘candidate score-card’. Our people-powered scorecards can help voters make informed choices.

During the European elections earlier this year, over 150,000 of us helped create people-powered scorecards like this. Thousands of us used them to help decide who to vote for and shared the results by email, on Facebook and Twitter.




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