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Nov 14th, 2014

Banks vs the NHS

By Elizabeth Baines

The banks are in the news. They’ve been rigging the markets, and have been fined £1.1 billion by UK regulators because of their bad behaviour.

That’s a lot of cash. And the Government is about to decide what happens to it. So let’s make sure the money gets put to good use – by funding our NHS.

Our health service is under increasing pressure because of funding cuts, and services are being squeezed. George Osborne is about to make a decision about how the banking fines will be used. The Government want us to think that they care about the NHS. So let’s make them put their money where their mouths are and use this money to fund it.

If enough of us sign the petition today we could make it too embarrassing for Osborne to say no.

Click here to sign the petition to the Treasury today.

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