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Dec 12th, 2014

TTIP: 38 Degrees Bath meeting

By India Thorogood

This is a guest post by Barbara Gordon from the 38 Degrees local group in Bath.

38 Degrees members packed the Friends Meeting House in Bath on Friday 5 December for the  TTIP debate. So many people came that some had to be turned away, and there was a lively, passionate and well-informed discussion.  John Hilary of War on Want explained some of the many concerns about TTIP and our MP, Don Foster, promised to take those concerns back to Westminster.

As deputy chief whip, Don is a member of the government but he clearly struggled to defend the government’s support for TTIP.   38 Degrees members have been accused of raising unnecessary alarm about this trade deal but the audience in Bath was concerned about the secrecy surrounding the talks whereas many MPs and MEPs seem content to accept what they are told without having any access to the details of the negotiations.

It was clear the audience didn’t accept assurances that the NHS and other public services will be safe from exploitation by big American corporations or that food safety standards, labour rights and environmental standards would not be compromised by this deal.

MEPs and national governments won’t get to vote on TTIP until after the negotiations are completed which is why we have to keep campaigning while the talks are continuing.

If you’d like to be involved with the 38 Degrees local group in Bath, please pop the staff team an email – emailtheteam@38degrees.org.uk

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