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Jan 28th, 2015

Tell the Scottish energy minister – use planning powers to ban fracking today!

By Jen Stout

File:Fracking Site in Warren Center, PA 06.jpeg

Can we stop fracking in Scotland before it’s even begun?  Dirty energy companies are desperate to start blasting oil and gas out of the ground. But tomorrow, Scottish energy minister Fergus Ewing could ban fracking for good.

Though licencsing for onshore gas is a power held by Westminster, the Scottish Government can halt all plans through their planning powers.  Ewing is under a huge amount of pressure: the government is split. He has delayed and delayed his decision. So when he gets up to speak tomorrow, let’s make sure it’s to announce a ban.

There’s just a few hours until the announcement – click here to email the minister and urge him to take a stand against fracking.  

Companies like Ineos want to start fracking despite the huge risks to our health and the environment.  The only reason the drills haven’t started up yet is that ordinary people have stood in their way (sometimes literally). A dash for gas is disastrous for the climate.  And Scotland has a huge renewable energy potential – we don’t need dirty gas.

Yesterday, the Westminster Parliament decided not to pause fracking down in England. Scotland could go its own way.

Together, 38 Degrees members could push Fergus Ewing to finally get off the fence and ban fracking. Countries across the world are banning dirty gas because of the dangers to local people. [4] The fight against fracking is a huge, inspiring, people-powered effort – and we can win in Scotland tomorrow!

Ewing will announce his plans in Holyrood today at 2.40pm.  Can you email the minister  urgently now?  Let’s show him that Scotland says no to fracking!


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