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Feb 6th, 2015

Save our NHS

By Nat Whalley

This is the loudest wake up call yet: for the first time ever, England’s biggest NHS hospitals have refused to agree to plans to squeeze their budgets for the next year. It’s a serious move by doctors and hospital chiefs desperate to avoid “needless deaths of patients”.

Years of privatisation and squeezed funding are putting our NHS in danger. If the next government doesn’t dramatically change course, our health system could crumble before our eyes. With less than 90 days left until the general election, we have to act.

The upcoming election will be incredibly tight. Candidates everywhere are scrambling for each vote. So our mission is clear: show every candidate from every party that the only path to victory begins with defending the NHS.

Massive “Save Our NHS” petitions to all the candidates in every constituency will prove that our health service is the burning issue they can’t ignore. But for that to work, they need to be big. Please can you add your name to your local Save Our NHS petition, today?

Click here to find your local petition:

Last week, over 140,000 38 Degrees members filled out surveys to define our shared election priorities. Thousands of 38 Degrees members will be meeting up around the country to discuss their local election plans in more detail. But one thing is already clear: 38 Degrees members are determined to make our NHS the big winner of this year’s election.

At a time when hospital chiefs are issuing public warnings that patient safety is in danger, it’s no surprise that 38 Degrees members are making the NHS a top priority. We seem to overwhelmingly agree – if our grandchildren still have an NHS, it may well have something to do with the things we do together in the next 90 days.

Today, we can start by putting every MP and every candidate on notice: “You want my vote? Stand up for the NHS.”

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