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Feb 19th, 2015

Peter Oborne: on HSBC, The Telegraph and press freedom

By [email protected]

This is what 38 Degrees members are against when we try to expose tax dodgers. The Daily Telegraph stands accused of burying stories about HSBC and tax dodging – because they were worried about losing advertising revenue.

The Daily Telegraph’s chief political commentator, Peter Oborne, announced his resignation on the Open Democracy site on Wednesday. He says that the lines between advertising and news have been dangerously blurred at the paper.

He spoke to 38 Degrees yesterday to explain what happened. Watch the video here:

election meet up video

In the interview, journalist Peter Oborne suggests where the media is going if this big money pressure continues:

“News is going to be a cooperative production between powerful corporate interests and willing participants in newspapers and then it’s going to depart altogether from what we expect of honest reporting.”

Tax dodging thrives when the powerful close ranks. This looks like an example of important news getting shut down after pressure from a powerful corporation with a big advertising budget.

Peter Oborne has taken a brave and unusual step in speaking out.38 Degrees members are sharing this video to help break the conspiracy of silence – and to make sure as many people as possible hear the true story of HSBC’s dodgy dealings with the press.

You can join other 38 Degrees members and Telegraph readers in writing letters to the editor of The Telegraph to urge them to protect editorial independence at this address:

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