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Mar 2nd, 2015

How to use the 38 Degrees election hub

By Cara Bevington

There is great new website to use in the lead up to the General Election. This website will help you connect with other 38 Degrees members in your area to share ideas and plan activities.

If you were a part of the TTIP day of action in 2014 or the ‘Save our NHS’ day of action in February 2015 you will be familiar with this website and should already have an account.

If you don’t have an account it’s really easy to set one up. Just follow the two steps below.

How to set up an account  

[1] Go to: http://election.38degrees.org.uk

This will take you to the ‘Welcome’ page. In the bottom left hand corner of the page, type your postcode into the box and then click the orange button ‘find my constituency.’

Election hub - welcome page

[2] Once you’ve typed in your postcode you will be taken to the page for your constituency. On this page, please type your name (first and last), email address and a password into the form. Click the orange ‘Submit’ button to enter these details.

Election hub sign-up page

[3] You’ve now ready to use the website and connect with members in your area!

How to get the most out of the website

This website will help you to connect and plan with other 38 Degrees members in your area.

You can use it to:

  • List an event that you are organising so that others can find out about it

  • Find out about, and RSVP, to other events happening nearby

  • Join discussions about upcoming events (like the ‘Save our NHS’ day of action)

  • Take part in general planning discussions

At any time you can edit your profile (e.g. update your email address and phone number) and your notification settings. Click on the pencil symbol next to your name in the top left hand corner of the screen and make the necessary changes. Press save.

Election hub - edit your profile

The more people regularly using the tool and connecting with other members the more impactful we can be in the lead up to the general election.
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