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Mar 5th, 2015

Scotland vs. TTIP – Making our politicians listen!

By Jen Stout

More and more of us are finding out about TTIP – the dodgy trade deal between the US and Europe.  And the more we find out, the more worried we are – leaked information shows that the deal would mean even more privatisation, and the establishment of secret courts where corporations could sue governments has not been ruled out.

Scotland has six representatives in Europe – and one, Labour’s David Martin, is in a powerful position.  He could help stop this dangerous deal – and in just six days, more than 13,000 of us have signed the petition calling on Martin to take a stand.

Yesterday Labour MEPs announced that their group in the European Parliament now opposes ISDS – that’s the part of the deal which lets corporations sue governments for ‘lost profits’.  David Martin says this shows Labour are ‘responding to the thousands of constituents’ who have said he and his group should oppose TTIP.

This is a good step – it shows what we can achieve if we act together.  But it’s not enough – the leaked document last week told us that the NHS and other services are at risk.  We know this treaty is simply a corporate wish-list.

So let’s remind David Martin MEP to use his influence in Europe and block this shady deal by adding your name to the petition.

Just a year ago almost no one knew about TTIP. Thanks to people-powered campaigning the movement to stop TTIP is now millions strong.  There are lots of ways to get involved.  In February 38 Degrees members travelled to Brussels, along with campaigners from War on Want and Global Justice Now, to protest TTIP – see how they got on in this video.

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