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Mar 12th, 2015

Tell your MP candidates: I want an MP who’ll save our NHS

By Rachel Oliver

A huge NHS privatisation deal has just been announced. £780million more of taxpayers’ money will now go to private companies for services which used to be delivered by the NHS.

Piece by piece, the NHS is being sold off to the highest bidder. But our NHS is precious and belongs to us all. We can – we must – protect it.

In 56 days, we vote on a new crop of MPs. They could kick out privatisation and fund our health service properly. But we need to make sure this is at the top of their agenda. Together, we can make sure that each MP candidate in Battersea hears the same thing from hundreds of us: if you want my vote, then commit to reversing the damage done to our NHS.

Click here to send an email to MP candidates running in Battersea with a message they can’t miss: I want an MP who will act for public good, not private companies.

In the last three years, a third of NHS contracts have gone to private companies. Doctors are saying money is now so tight that patient care is at risk. And if the US-EU trade deal TTIP passes, it’ll be open season for US-style privatisation.

There’s no better time to try and change the political landscape than when politicians are after our votes. Most candidates are full of warm words about the NHS because they know it’s popular. But our test is the crucial one: will they commit to kicking out privatisation, funding it properly and keeping it safe from TTIP? If they won’t, we’ll know their niceties are just hot air.

Please take a moment to email the MP candidates competing for your vote. There are a few notes to help you craft an email quickly.

38 Degrees members are getting the NHS up the election agenda. Hundreds of thousands of us have already signed a petition to each of our local candidates, and many of us have been out on the streets gathering more signatures. So now, let’s make sure election candidates see our message in their inboxes as well. Politicians who want to harm our NHS should have nowhere to hide.

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