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Mar 22nd, 2015

George Osborne joins Tax Dodgers protest in Beeston

By Peter Robinson


We organised a tax event today in Beeston (part of Broxtowe). The George Osborne mask made people smile, but also it was a bit intimidating. People like to see people, and smiles. People were pleased to see that 38 Degrees were in town. We made a lot of friends, the youngest one is shown below.

I thought after all the noise that Osborne made about chasing up taxes and the rich that there would be less interest in calling for a stop to tax loopholes . Not so. Plenty of discussions.

We used the voter registration leaflets as well, indeed some of  us asked people first, “excuse me are you registered to vote”. We collected more than 100 signatures and told people about our next organising meeting at 7pm on the 31st at the White Lion.  (Click here to read about our inaugural meeting).

Here are some more photos:


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