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Mar 27th, 2015

Save our NHS phone calls – FAQs

By Megan Bentall

What if someone asks me who I should vote for?

38 Degrees is independent of all political parties, so it’s important you don’t tell anyone who to vote for. What you can do though is talk about how important it is to go out and vote to protect our NHS, and you should encourage them to look into where the parties stand – and what their records are – when it comes to the NHS.

You could also direct them to Votematch – it’s a completely neutral and independent website that asks you to rate statements on issues like our NHS and tax dodging, and then matches your position with where the parties stand. It’ll help show people which parties will protect our NHS. It can be found at:

Where will the people I’m calling live?

All over the UK! The site will let you call members of the public from anywhere across the UK. But each time you’re connected to a new call you’ll be able to see on your computer screen where the person you’re speaking to is from.

How has 38 Degrees got the phone numbers for people I’d be calling?

The company who created the new site bought the phone numbers of the people you’ll be calling. However 38 Degrees won’t be saving the phone numbers, or using them for anything other than these phone calls.

We’ve made sure that anybody who has requested to be on the Do Not Call list won’t be called by 38 Degrees members, and the list will be updated daily so nobody will be called who has asked not to be.

What if someone asks me for more information on the NHS – will there be information provided?

Yes! As part of the instructions pack that the office team will be sending out, we’ll include some talking tips and information about the NHS.

Is linking my phone and computer to make the calls secure?

Yes – the site is 100% secure. The way it works is you enter your phone number into the site, and it will then call you. Once you answer the phone your screen and phone will be connected and you’ll be able to make calls. The second you hang up your phone and computer will be disconnected from each other.

Can I see the script before calling?
Yes! As part of the instruction pack that the office team will be sending out, we’ll include a copy of the script. Also, once you connect to the site, you can have an another read through of the script before you click the button to start making calls.

Where can I see the online petition?
The online petition – as well as other information about the 38 Degees ‘Save our NHS’ campaign can be found at www.38degrees.org.uk/NHS.

Where can I see local candidates?
All candidates can be found at:

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