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Apr 23rd, 2015

Save Robbie Clark: Brent Council Petition Hand-in

By 38 Degrees team

Today 38 Degrees members gathered outside Brent Council Offices to hand in the petition to fund care for local resident Robbie Clark:


Robbie – a 96 year old veteran – joined family and supporters at the event that was attended by council members and journalists.

In a statement to the press, Robbie’s son Mike said that: “It’s appalling that my dad could be forced out of his home at this stage of his life. We’re worried about how this move would affect him – and he’s adamant that he wants to remain at home.”

“Dad has already spent all of his life savings to pay for the care he needs to live at home – he understands that he has had to pay his way. Now that his money has run out, the council needs to step up and do the right thing and provide him with the correct care at home budget so he can live the rest of his days in peace and without anxiety.”

Robbie spent his life savings for his retirement but can no longer afford the care he needs. The petition, which was signed by over 186,000 38 Degrees members, requests that Brent Council provides him with the support he needs in the house he has lived in for decades.

Robbie Clark hand-in.jpg

Robbie was deeply touched by the public outcry, and thanked 38 Degrees members for the solidarity they’ve shown: but with a decision still on the horizon, the fight continues.

Brent Council – all eyes are on you now to do the right thing!


If there’s an issue close to your heart that you’d like to campaign on, you can set up your own petition here:


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