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May 20th, 2015

DEFRA: Keep the ban on bee-killing pesticides!

By 38 Degrees team

Our bees are in danger again. Toxic chemical companies are trying to get their banned pesticides back on UK fields. Yesterday an application was submitted to the government asking them to lift the ban on bee-killing chemicals for some crops planted this autumn.

Bees don’t have a voice, but 38 Degrees members do. Together, we fought for a Europe-wide ban, now we need to stop it getting watered down.

The powerful pesticides which Europe banned last year are called neonicotinoids – and they pose a huge risk to bees. Last month an influential group of scientists concluded that these banned pesticides don’t just kill bees, they wreak “havoc” with other insects and plants in the countryside too.

We’ll keep working together to protect our bees because we know how crucial bees are to life on earth. We’ve marched on Parliament, we’ve signed petitions, we’ve sent thousands of emails and we’ve challenged politicians face to face. We worked alongside campaigners from across Europe to get these killer pesticides banned.

Now, we need to pull out all the stops – again. A huge petition will make it clear to the environment minister that she still needs to protect our bees, not the toxic profits of bee-killing companies.

Please can you sign the petition right now demanding that we keep the ban on bee-killing pesticides?

You can see our friends’ campaigns to protect our bees here:

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