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May 20th, 2015

The fox hunting ban

By 38 Degrees team

David Cameron’s got his eyes set on ripping up the fox hunting ban. He thinks that people should be allowed to set dogs onto foxes for fun. But campaigners fought hard for the ban – and there’s already public outcry at the plans to scrap it.

So 38 Degrees member Dave has started a campaign to keep the ban. Because luckily it’s not just up to Cameron – he needs MPs to vote for his nasty plan. If enough of us get behind the campaign, we could force MPs to vote to protect our foxes – for good.

If you agree that the ban should stay, please sign Dave’s petition by clicking here.

Here’s what Dave says:

“In a modern, civilised society, there is no place for this grotesque and cruel pastime. This is a barbaric and outdated activity that should stay where it belongs – in the past.

We have a choice in this life, we can be kind, or we can be cruel. I think the choice is easy.”

The vote will be a ‘free vote’. This is different to usual parliamentary votes, where MPs tow the party line. This means MPs can vote however they want – meaning our pressure is even more important. So if you agree that the fox hunting ban should stay, please sign by clicking here.

And if there’s another issue that you’d like to campaign on then, you can start your own campaign by clicking here.


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