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Sep 14th, 2015

38 Degrees members out in force to Welcome Refugees

By Barnaby Lewer

Across the country 38 Degrees members have come out in force to declare, loud and clear, that “Refugees are Welcome here”. Whether it’s collecting petition signatures in Essex, holding candlelit vigils in Teignbridge or pressuring local councils to provide housing in Hackney, 38 Degrees members have continued to campaign for compassionate treatment of refugees. On Saturday, in London, 38 Degrees members joined with tens of thousands to march on Parliament Square to demand change.

These actions are part of a larger story of 38 Degrees members challenge to the status quo. 75,000 of us contacted MP’s demanding the government welcome refugees, changing the debate in Parliament. We’ve raised over £140,000 towards a Survival Fund for refugees arriving in Britain. 130,000 of us signed petitions calling on our local councils to commit to welcoming families to our neighbourhoods, delivering some in person over the weekend.

Enjoy the selection of some of the photos from the day, with more to come:


20785159073_b9e048932c_k 21380006216_6dbf09b1bb_k:



Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 17.15.49

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